Best practice and compliance for your business processes

Based on industrial standards and statutory requirements such as ITIL, ISO 20000, Basel II & III, SOX and PCI, we integrate best practice and compliance into our solutions for your business processes. This gives you increased efficiency and allows you to ideally utilize your technological investments, as well as to fulfil your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Our main focus is on the field of identity & access management, IT security and IT service management.
Only a balanced interaction of people, processes and technology can ensure a successful implementation of your solution as well as an efficient and effective utilization of your resources. That is why we take an in-depth look into all of these three important components of your IT environment when it comes to finding a solution, to generate the highest investment return possible.
Through numerous completed projects worldwide, we have established ourselves as the company on the market when it comes to business IT solutions.

Executive Board

Thomas Krumsdorf
Thomas KrumsdorfManaging Director
Prior to ITConcepts he worked for CompuNet in infrastructure areas, later at Boole & Babbage and BMC Software. He oversaw the development and implementation of solutions in the monitoring and IT service management environment. These experiences help him to further develop the ITConcepts technology in terms of the greatest customer benefit. At ITConcepts he starts a Head of PRofessional Services. In 2020 he switched to the position of one of the two Managaing Directors.
Marcus Westen
Marcus WestenManaging Director
Marcus Westen is one of the two Managing Direcotrs and responsible for Partners and Sales. He has CISSP (ISC²), Data Protection Officer (TUEV) and ITIL Foundation certifications as well as various manufacturer certificates for the solutions of the partner companies One Identity, Dell, SailPoint, CA and IBM. He was the IT director of a mid-sized company for ten years before expanding his knowledge at BMC Software and CA, moving to ITConcepts in 2006.

The ITConcepts PSO GmbH Management Team


Environmental Management

ITConcepts is committed to ecological action. We pay attention not only to the sustainability of our processes, but also to the appropriate behavior of our employees. All environmentally relevant activities are recorded and actively discussed. We work to continuously improve our environmental impact in order to achieve optimal environmental protection. ITConcepts is committed to actively avoid possible environmental damage and to comply with all relevant environmental regulations.

Environmental Management @ ITConcepts

Among other things, ITConcepts relies on video conferencing and the creation of remote workstations to reduce CO2 emissions. If travel activities are required, we use public transport as much as possible.
Saving raw materials and energy, such as water and electricity, is part of everyday life for us and is realized through measures such as water-saving keys, energy-saving lamps, "light off" signs and automatic shutdowns. We also actively us “power saving mode” on our workstations when not in use.
Among other things, we are implementing the reduction of waste through a largely paperless office and virtual office space.
If requested, we are happy to provide more information.

Our planet is our home, our only home. Where should we go, if we destroy it.

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